Lowongan Kerja CPNS Kemenpera September 2014

Kemenpera Kementerian Perumahan Rakyat – Kemenegpera – Kemenpera The Government of Indonesia is the ministry in charge of managing the housing. Ministry of Public Housing, led by a Minister of the People's Housing (Menpera)

Kementerian Perumahan Rakyat – Kemenegpera – Kemenpera Based on the Decree of the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform No. 262 in 2014, about the Civil Service Formation Ministry of Housing for Fiscal Year 2014, the Ministry of Housing of the Republic of Indonesia - Kemenpera an opportunity for Indonesian citizens to become candidates for Civil Servants, with provisions as follows:

Formasi CPNS Kemenpera 2014

Lowongan CPNS Kemenpera 2014
Lowongan CPNS Kemenpera 2014

• Citizens of the Republic of Indonesia who fear God Almighty, true and loyal to Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, and the Republic of Indonesia.
• Good character and has not been sentenced to imprisonment or confinement on a court verdict which has permanent legal force.
• Candidates are not ranked as the Civil Service or Civil Servants, and not being tied to an agreement / contract work with other agencies.
• Never cease to honor the request itself or not with respect as PNS, a member of TNI / INP, SOE officer / public enterprises or private officials;
• Healthy physically and mentally.
• Ready placed throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
• For applicants who become managers / members of certain political parties, should be ready to release the stewardship / membership in political parties are concerned, when the graduation.
• Not having dependence on narcotics

Kementerian Perumahan Rakyat – Kemenegpera – Kemenpera