Lowongan Kerja 2015 Bank BCA Syariah Maret

Bank BCA Syariah, adalah lembaga perbankan di Indonesia. Bank ini berdiri di Jakarta tahun 1990. Awalnya, bank ini bernama Utama Internasional Bank (berdiri tahun 1990) dan diambil alih Bank Central Asia pada 2009. Bank swasta ini resmi beroperasi pada 2010.

Melalui Lowongan Kerja Bank BCA Syariah Maret 2015 saat ini mencari kandidat professional untuk menempati posisi sebagaimana terlampir berikut:

Account Officer (SME dan Corporate, Cabang Bandung) - Bandung

Job Description:
• Marketing the Islamic banking products, especially in the field of finance, funds and services according to the needs of prospective clients / customers
• Manage and minimize the risk of financing in branch offices and sharia service through the right selection process of potential customers
• Provides the database of prospective customers / potential customers
• Create and implement a monthly work plan for searching prospective customers / potential customers in accordance with the set target
• Approach and a business visit to the prospective customer / client in order to develop relationships, needed data and documents collection
• Analyze potential clients / customers and present the results of analysis
• Explain profit sharing calculation principles of sharia banking products and services to customers / potential customers
• Run the monitoring process (including a visit on the spot)
• Following up incompleteness customer documents
• Accommodate and provide solutions to customer submitted complaints
• Provide information to the financing administration section about the issues dealing with customers in order for collectibility inputting

• Age between 27-35 years old
• Male / female
• Minimal possess Associate degree
• Domiciled in Bandung
• Skills Required (Soft Skills / Hard Skills)
• Communicative, attractive appearance
• Negotiation skill
• Analytical skill
• Tenacious, not easy to give up, honest, highly motivated and high mobility
• Additional Skills
• Microsoft Office
• Work Experience
• Having experience as an Account Officer who handles SME, Retail and Corporate with a target of 4 billions / month minimum 3 years

Customer Service Officer - Solo

Job Description:
• Create and implement a monthly work plan for potential customers search based on the targets set.
• Support the products marketing (funds, services and other products) by offering a right product alternative, according to customer needs.
• Provide quality service to customers who come to the branch in accordance with the provisions and procedures.
• Digging customers' needs.
• Provide up to date information / explanation to customers / non-customers.
• Serve the request of: account opening, account closing, facilities granting / withdrawing, hanges in customer data and account data, other banking services.
• Cross selling of products and services.
• Serve mutations account and balance inquiries for branch's walk-in customer.
• Serve the transaction printing / cheque book retrieval / BG, giro deposits, clearing repulsion slips, bank statement, BCA Syariah passport card and other matters relating to the customer interests.
• Make manual transactions journal that occurred in Customer Service.
• Handle and follow up on complaints / customer plaint.

• Age 20 - 27 years old.
• Male / female.
• Required skills (soft Skills / hard skills):
• Communicative
• Having the ability to persuade
• Look attractive
• Spry, charming, enthusiastic, friendly, thorough
• Additional skills: Microsoft Office, English
• Knowledge that must be possessed:
• Knowledge of Islamic banking products.
vKnowledge of anti-money laundering and combating the terrorism financing for commercial bank.
• Have a minimum 2 years experience as a Bank Customer Service, preferably have experience as a Bakti BCA Customer Service.
• Domiciled in Surakarta

Supervisor Administrasi and Pajak - Jakarta

• Mastery both individual and corporate taxation well
• Able to coordinate and supervise a team of subordinates
• Able to analyze, have the ability to think logically and systematically, and has spirit of continuous learning
• Able to work with target completion
• Female
• Possess Bachelor degree in Accounting
• Maximum age 30 years old
• Computer literated (Microsoft Office)
• Minimum 2 years experience as a Taxation Staff
• Preferably having Brevet AB and C certificates

Please send your complete application to:

HRD BCA Syariah
Email : retno_saridewi@bcasyariah.co.id
CLOSED DATE : 30 Maret 2015

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